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so today in english class my teacher used problem sleuth to help us with vocab
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it’s me ur new classmate im here and ready 2 learn 
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every anti sj comic ever

Xtremely irrational minority person: kill and eat all straights
author self insert: oh my such vulgar language i almost felt a bead of sweat roll down my delicate forehead mmm yes oh my
good rational minority person: Hey, the Heterosexual Community has feelings that matter as much as yours or mine. By spouting such awful things you are literally oppressing people-their rights and privileges are being drained from them as you type on this microblogging site. To quote Dr. Martin Ghandi X, "why c an't we jsut bbe nice uwu"
Xtremely irrational minority person: *pees*
author self insert: thank u good rational minority person. it is a shame not everyone can be as good as u *feed treat*
good rational minority person: woof
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shout out to the people who never unfollow me for some reason even when i never post anything relevant to their interests

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"I enjoy that villain as a character, but their charm doesn’t excuse their actions and neither does their tragic backstory." 


"Poor misunderstood baby!"  


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